Rights and obligations of citizens and legal entities in the implementation of administrative procedures

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus on October 28, 2008 No. 433-Z “On the Basics of Administrative Procedures”, an administrative procedure is the actions of an authorized body based on the application of an interested person to establish (provide, certify, confirm, register, provide), change , suspension, preservation, transfer or termination of rights and (or) obligations, including those ending with the issuance of a certificate or other document (its adoption, approval, approval), or registration considering whether the person concerned, its property or the provision of cash or other assets and (or) services from the national or local budgets, state extra-budgetary funds from the property being in the republican or municipal property.

Stakeholder Rights

Interested parties are entitled to:

  • apply with authorized bodies;
  • to receive free of charge from authorized bodies the forms (forms) of documents required by the legislation on administrative procedures necessary for applying for administrative procedures;
  • receive from authorized bodies an explanation of their rights and obligations;
  • to take part in administrative procedures personally and (or) through their representatives, unless otherwise provided by legislative acts;
  • to get acquainted with the materials related to the consideration of their applications, to make extracts from them, unless otherwise provided by the legislation on state secrets, commercial or other secret protected by law;
  • receive administrative decisions or extracts from them;
  • withdraw your application at any time before the end of the administrative procedure;
  • appeal against administrative decisions;
  • to exercise other rights provided for by this Law and other acts of legislation on administrative procedures.

Stakeholder Responsibilities

Interested parties are required to:

1. to be polite to employees of authorized bodies, not to use obscene or offensive words or expressions in relation to such employees;

2. submit to the authorized bodies documents and (or) information included in the lists of documents and (or) information submitted by interested parties.

The lists of documents and (or) information submitted by interested parties may include only documents and (or) information that are necessary for the implementation of the administrative procedure and may be submitted only by the interested person.

The indicated lists may not include documents and (or) information that are available in authorized bodies or may be obtained by them from other state bodies, other organizations, as well as from state registers, registers, cadastres, lists, catalogs, databases and data banks.

In case of demand, documents are also submitted to the authorized body

  • identity cards of a citizen;
  • confirming the official position of the head of the legal entity, as well as identifying him;
  • confirming the state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
  • confirming authority of the representative of the person concerned;
  • confirming the consent of the interested person to submit, upon request of the authorized body, other state bodies, other organizations the documents and (or) information necessary for the implementation of the administrative procedure, containing information relating to the interested person and relating to commercial or other secret protected by law, if the interested person has not submitted such documents and (or) information independently;
  • confirming the payment of fees charged during the administrative procedure for the issuance of documents and (or) information requested by the authorized body, if such payment is provided for by the legislation and the person concerned has not submitted such documents and (or) information independently.

3. pay a fee charged during the implementation of administrative procedures;

4. inform the authorized bodies in a timely manner of a change in the place of residence (place of stay), location during the period of the administrative procedure;

5. to perform other duties stipulated by legislative acts on administrative procedures